About Principal Recruiting Group

    Principal Recruiting Group is an elite search firm focusing on the high-tech industry, at the executive to mid-level engineering range.With a combined 15 years in the technology industry, we have built our solid foundation and reputation by focusing not only on the needs of the individual job seeker, but on the demands and trends of the high-tech engineering industry.

    Principal Recruiting Group takes pride in our ability to meet the needs of every individual and client, from job seekers to employers and their staffing needs. We match resources with demand, using a proven step-by-step qualifying process comparing the candidate’s skill level with the potential empolyer’s requirements to ensure maximum efficiency of time invested throughout the recruiting process, as wee as the successful fulfillment of resources for the client.

    Our Management Team

    With over 15 years in the high-tech industry, Principal Recruiting Group’s management team is able to deliver results with expertise through experience.

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